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Engine Partnership with Tohatsu
Powering Ahead with Tohatsu: A Partnership Fueled by Performance and Reliability
Exclusive Deals
5 Year Warranty
9.9HP - 140HP
Unmatched Value with Tohatsu Engines
We've eliminated the margin on Tohatsu engines to guarantee the best possible price for you, our valued customer, when purchasing a pontoon boat with a motor through us. Take advantage of these unbeatable deals, valid throughout the remainder of the 2024 pre-season.


Entertainment -series
Navigator -series
Our partnership with Tohatsu is tailored for the selected 2024 season models, offering exclusive combo deal prices for our Entertainment and Navigator series. For other series or further information on these exceptional offers, please reach out to us.
5 Year Warranty
Nordcraft, in partnership with Tohatsu, proudly offers an extensive 5-year warranty on the engine, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence on the water.
9.9HP - 140HP
Experience the thrill of the open waters and ‘Feel the Extreme’ with the power and precision of Tohatsu’s mid-range outboard engines.